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Ericsson RX8300 Series Distribution Receivers

The Ericsson RX8300 range are the perfect receive devices for distribution of video services throughout large networks. They provide the most up-to-date feature-set, combining maximum transmission efficiency with easy remote management.


RX8305 Distribution Receiver

The RX8305 receiver provides the core capabilities that every broadcaster needs by combining a DVB-S2 capable satellite input with MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC SD 4:2:0 video decoding.  The unit can be equipped with ASI transport stream outputs, SDI digital video outputs as well as standard CVBS analog video outputs.

RX8310/RX8315/RX8330 Distribution Receivers

 The Ericsson RX8300 series is a range of professional receivers that are optimized for specific high volume applications. Each variant provides an RF demodulator combined with industry standard ASI transport stream input. Transport stream output on ASI, with an option for transport stream over IP output, is provided for distribution to digital networks. The video decode capability of each variant is tailored to the requirements of that receivers particular target application.

The RX8300 range of IRDs are the perfect receive devices for distribution of video services throughout large networks. The units provide the most up-to-date feature-set, combining maximum transmission efficiency with easy remote management of the receiver population.

RX8310/15 Distribution Receivers

Designed for satellite based video distribution networks, the RX8310 and RX8315 offer an integrated satellite input with capability to demodulate highly efficient DVB-S2 transmissions. The RX8310 and RX8315 receivers are designed to decrypt a transport stream and output the decrypted channels over an industry standard ASI interface or optionally over an IP interface. The capability of the RX8310 and RX8315 can be further extended through the option for the receivers to decrypt multiple services within one unit. The receivers can be further licensed to decode one service and output analog SD video and audio allowing the RX8310 and RX8315 to simultaneously address both digital and legacy analog tiers. The RX8310 provides Director CA decryption while the RX8315 provides DVB Common Interface CA decryption.

RX8320 ATSC Broadcast Receiver

As local terrestrial broadcasters phase out their analog broadcasts, cable, telco and satellite operators who receive these local channels as content feeds need to deal with the trasition to digital-only ATSC broadcasts. The Ericsson RX8320 ATSC Broadcast Receiver with 8VSB input is specifically designed to enable a simple, reliable solution to the ATSC broadcast transition for these operators.

Ericsson is a leading provider of ATSC broadcasts headends and professional Integrated Receiver Decoder products (IRDs) worldwide. This in-depth knowledge and experience ensures that the RX8320 delivers the high quality and reliability broadcasters and service operators alike depend on.

RX8330 Distribution Receiver

Equipped with a sophisticated DVB-S/DVB-S2 satellite front-end the RX8330 Distribution Receiver provides compatibility with DVB Common Interface CA, Director and BISS systems for maximum flexibility. By offering both decryption and high quality SDI video decode options for any 4:2:0 video standard, the RX8330 provides capability to perfectly match the needs for video distribution applications for turn-around of content into both analog and digital networks.

The RX8300 range are application optimized designs with many features included as standard, and the flexibility to add advanced features should your needs require them. Remote over-air control enabled through the use of Director by Ericsson allows full control of a large receiver population without the need for a local operator.


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