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Up/down converter

Snell Quasar Ph.C gives broadcasters the competitive edge by enabling them to produce the consistent, high standard, HD pictures their viewers expect, while maintaining a cost eff ective transition to HD. Users can continue working in standard defi nition, then, as they gradually migrate to full-scale HD operations, Quasar Ph.C provides the ultimate way to incorporate SD sources.

Ph.C motion estimation guarantees that the resolution of Quasar Ph.C’s upconversion output is maximized. Its algorithm has been customized to provide the best possible results for all types of material. 2:3 pull down detection based on DEFT™ technology, handles the tricky frame rate issues associated with the upconversion of film originated video and mixed media. Prefix pre-processing applies a uniquely powerful 3D wavelet based algorithmto remove noise and other unwanted elements from the signal.


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