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With full ETR101290 analytics and support for all modern media transportation codecs, the VB12 is built for real-world use. Loss distance and detailed jitter values give accurate readings of network performance.

The ability to monitor 10 streams (upgradeable to 50) with full ETSI TR 101 290 analysis and alarming makes the portable VB12 invaluable for field use. Its ruggedised exterior and fan-less design give engineers the perfect fault-finding tool when roaming in the network or for permanent placement of a unit in harsh environments.

With full ETR101290 analytics and support for all modern media transportation codecs, the VB12 is built for use by roaming specialists needing full analytics in a remote location. The form factor gives excellent ergonomics and with a built in power supply, no external elements have to be brought along.

With the patented MediaWindow™, historical measurements can be easily accessed for meaningful visualisation of media flow in an IP network. The vital parameters no-sync, packet loss and packet jitter are monitored continuously for full network control.

Confidence monitoring is further enhanced by monitoring of all ETSI TR 101 290 parameters, bandwidth overflow/underflow and signal loss. Based on a highly sophisticated threshold template system alarm granularity can be set to reflect actual status, irrelevant alarms being effectively masked.

The IP-Probe can be utilised for a multitude of remote functions. One such is the ability of the Broadcast Probe to store alarm-triggered TS recordings directly to its internal memory. The recordings can subsequently be accessed directly via the probe’s built-in web interface.

Each VB12 runs an integral HTTP server with the client as a web browser, so no need to install custom software on computers needing access to the measurement data.

The VB12 comes with a ruggedised scratch resistant coated finish in order to stand up to "life on the road."


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