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The VB262 DUAL QAM/VSB input option offers monitoring of QAM signals as found in QAM cable networks and DTT signals found in 8/16VSB networks. The chassis can be equipped with a single VB120 or VB220 PROBE master card that has one or two VB262 RF input cards under its control.

The complete configuration with the fully licensed VB120 provides real-time monitoring and alarming for four QAM or VSB RF inputs, 50 IP MPTS/SPTS multicasts, upgradable in steps of 10 from an initial 10 streams, and one ASI TS input. ETSI TR 101 290 analysis is performed in parallel for the QAM/VSB inputs, the ASI input and the IP input. If the VB220 is used as master card the IP monitoring capacity is increased to impressive 260 MPTS/SPTS multicasts in addition to the RF inputs.

The combined unit is ideal for hybrid networks where IP is used as a carrier from head-end to the regional edge multiplexer/ modulator/ transmitter. The built-in round-robin functionality allows sequential analysis of multiple QAM or VSB multiplexes, making it possible to monitor the total broadcast contents of a cable transmission system using a single VB262.

The VB262 DUAL QAM/VSB input option card is an ideal solution for complete monitoring in DVB-C or hybrid DVB-C/IP networks. One VB262 module is capable of demodulating two multiplexes (one per input) for ETSI TR101290 fault detection and alarm generation in the full frequency band (44–855 MHz).

With the ARF-OPT (Advanced RF Option) the VB262 gains spectrum analysis functionality and running in sweep mode the VB262 module is capable of measuring analogue signal levels, in effect offering the operator a basic frequency analyser function at the deployment location.



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