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Transport Stream Turn-around _Network Adaptations

With the range of Network Adaptors customers can process and interface MPEG Transport Streams across a wide variety of transport mediums, such as ATM or IP networks, giving greater flexibility in multi-site connections. With our selection of IP Video Gateways customers can transport compressed, and uncompressed video services across IP networks.

Ericsson Transport Stream Processor
The Ericsson TT6120 Transport Stream Processor delivers transport streams across a wide variety of transport mediums, with the capability to add data piping and service filteringmore
Ericsson MA5300 Transport Stream to ATM Adapter
The Ericsson MA5300D MPEG adapter is a high quality MPEG-2 to ATM bridge, offering a simple system architecture. Based on open standards, the MA5300D has been designed to meet the...more
Ericsson MA5400 Transport Stream to IP Adapter
The Ericsson MA5400 IP video gateway is a dense MPEG-2 transport stream to IP encapsulator. Based on open standards, the MA5400 has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of...more


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