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Vietcoms is a partner of Ericsson Television. We offer all products related to the field of television Ericsson .

img1 Control and Management

We offer a broad range of Management Solutions products to suit the varying control and monitoring market needs from contribution and distribution, to IPTV and DTH headends; from MPEG-4 AVC, MPEG-2, HD and SD to overall network monitoring.

img1 Encoding and Video Processing

Ericsson has pioneered the field of real-time video compression for over 18 years achieving a series of industry first including the first HD MPEG-2 and the first HD MPEG-4 AVC encoder resulting in a host of awards including an Emmy for HD MPEG-4.

img1 Multiplexers

With proven emphasis on reliability, resilience and flexibility, Ericsson multiplexers have formed the heart of headend systems the world over. With a wide range of options, our multiplexer solutions can be adapted to the most rigorous market.

img1 Satellite Modulators

Ericsson's SM6600 series satellite modulators are a highly flexible product range with a set of class leading features that make them the backbone of the satellite industry. They provide feature rich modulation solutions.

img1 Integrated Receiver Decoders

Ericsson's receiver portfolio offers a range of products which together cover the requirements of any installation, from the smallest to the largest. From the most basic standard definition system to state-of-the-art high definition services.

img1 News Gathering

In the outside broadcast world, news and production crews demand robust and fully featured news gathering solutions that enable them to get the best coverage - regardless of how demanding the operational environment, or how tight the deadline. We have over 10 years heritage in Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG), having pioneered the use of satellite for outside broadcast with the industry's first MPEG-2 DSNG solution, and over seven years of heritage in Digital Electronic News Gathering (DENG). Today, our technology innovation and leadership continues with our award-winning Voyager products for both SD and HD MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC.

img1 Edge QAMs

Cable operators are moving fast to enhance the customer entertainment experience with a new wave of services and more channels that require maximizing HFC bandwidth utilization. They are looking towards the next-generation of Edge QAMs to expedite deployment of these services, provide cost-efficiencies and plant management simplification.
Ericsson is breaking new ground delivering the next-generation Edge QAM that is based on open standards and incorporates Cablelabs DOCSIS 3.0 (including DRFI and M-CMTS) specifications.
The EQ8096 is a step-change in QAM devices and is designed to exceed the functionality, density and cost points required for all uses of a cable edge modulator. It has the unique ability to operate in Broadcast, VOD, Switched Digital Video (SDV) and High Speed Data (HSD) applications simultaneously within the same chassis.

img1 Transport Stream Analyzer

The Ericsson TT4000 transport stream monitoring family is designed to fulfill the increased need for monitoring and analysis of MPEG-2 networks and higher uptime expectations of service providers. It achieves this by monitoring the core of the actual transport stream - a step beyond standard box-level monitoring. High quality combined with high functionality, it’s a comprehensive range covering all major interfaces in the industry with flexible integration into Ericsson television equipment.

img1 Transport Stream Turn-around _Network Adaptations

With the range of Network Adaptors customers can process and interface MPEG Transport Streams across a wide variety of transport mediums, such as ATM or IP networks, giving greater flexibility in multi-site connections. With our selection of IP Video Gateways customers can transport compressed, and uncompressed video services across IP networks.

img1 Cable Turn-around

Distribution over satellite platform operators have unique challenges - the biggest being the cost of the transponder bandwidth and the complexity of re-modulation from DVB-S to DVB-C at each of the receive sites.

img1 Content Production

Ericsson's content production solutions include the highly recognized and deployed Xport® Producer. It’s a comprehensive storage encoding platform that enables programmers and system operators to easily encode, package and deliver program and advertising content and metadata within their existing on-demand and linear broadcast systems.
Xport's time-shifted television services give consumers the flexibility to watch their favorite programs on their own schedule.

img1 Content Distribution

Ericsson provides a comprehensive distribution solution for on-demand content. The Next Generation MediaPath® Secure Content Delivery System offers content providers, network operators, and their affiliates, a scalable, end-to-end solution for the secure point to multi-point delivery of non-linear digital HD and SD TV programs as well as any other file-based content including VOD programs, advertising, music, and games.

img1 TV Service Delivery

Our Service Delivery solution, OpenStream® Digital Services Platform (DSP), is the industry’s only complete on-demand back-office solution based on open, published interfaces. It provides everything a service provider needs to offer a complete and comprehensive VOD solution.
Using system components of your choice, OpenStream DSP enables service providers to easily deploy on-demand services. The platform’s open architecture provides compatibility with best-in-class VOD pumps, client applications, conditional access and billing systems. OpenStream DSP also enables multiple VOD server complexes to co-exist in the same headend. This allows operators to utilize VOD servers from multiple vendors to minimize costs and provide maximum flexibility.

img1 Content Management

Today we are witnessing rapid and dramatic infrastructure changes in the digital television market. At Ericsson, we’ve tapped into our proven, industry-leading expertise to offer a suite of next-generation content, workflow and asset management options defined by our customers’ challenges in this new age of personalized TV.

img1 TV Advertising

Our Advertising solution, AdPoint® Advanced Advertising Platform, places ads within video on-demand content as well as manages services needed for long-form VOD, interactive, and telescoping ads. It provides dynamic targeted advertising across major VOD products and infrastructures deployed today. Comprehensive ad targeting capabilities improves your workflow for buying, selling, trafficking, and executing ads with dynamic high-performance ad decisions. AdPoint provides key functions to manage and maximize on-demand advertising opportunities across video delivery systems - today and into the future.

img1 BRIDGE Technologies Products

Bridge Technologies creates advanced analysis, measurement and monitoring solutions for the digital broadcast and telecommunications industries. The company's award-winning products and solutions provide an advanced platform for converging digital media services employing stream-based IP packets.



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