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With over 5 years experience in the deployment of satellite systems, PayTV, IPTV,...  Vietcoms always offer customers the best solution to deploy the system efficiency, stability and the highest quality.

Digital head-end

As a local market leader in delivering digital Headend for Cable/DTT/DTH/IPTV operators in Vietnam, Vietcoms is always approach customers by using the latest design and product to bring the best picture quality at lowest bitrate to reduce the OPEX and CAPEX cost.  Our MPEG 2/4 SD/HD is widely used by all major pay TV operators like VTC, AVG, VNPT, Viettel, VTV etc. serving millions of viewer across the country. Contact us for further information.

Signal Processing

Vietcoms can supply and integrate wide range of signal processing products for different application, from ADC, distribution amplifier, embedding/ de-embedding to multiplexing, up/down conversion, loudness control, and frame synchronization. Contact us for further information.

Signal monitoring

QoS and QoE monitoring is now almost a crucial application for any pay TV operator as the subscriber expectation for good picture quality and uninterrupted service is getting higher and higher today. Vietcoms has solution for end to end monitoring from baseband to RF/IP across different network infrastructure like IPTV/DTT/DTH/Cable. Contact us for further information.

Multi Screen

Paytv subscriber now is not only stay in front of the TV watching their favourite content but also enjoy it on the move with smart phone, tablet or at their office, especially when global events come like FIFA worldcup, Olympic, Oscar etc. We have solution to answer the need to synchronize multiple devices and stream content to multi screens. Contact us for further information.

Video Contribution and Distribution

Video contribution and distribution is a acting very important role in assuring the picture quality and service continuity for any TV operator. From tradition dark fiber/WDM to SDH/ATM/IP based transmission, or from Baseband/Lband signal to compressed video, or MPEG420/422 to JPEG2000 we have the right product for such an application. Contact us for further information.



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